Return Man 3 Game

ReturnMan3Return Man 3 is an awesome American football flash game developed by ESPN. In fact this is the most recent version of the game and the features of the game is really awesome as well as the graphics. The mission of the player in Return Man 3 is to catch the ball and run through field towards the end line. The difficulty is that the field is full of enemy team defenders who are trying to catch you and get the ball. If you manage to get the ball to the end line – you win the round, if not – you have to start from the beginning.

The controls of the game are rather simple :  Use the [I] [J] [K] [L] Buttons to run in different direction. Use the [A] [S] [D] keys to activate special moves. Also keep in mind, that in some levels you will have to catch the ball – just run towards the yellow circle and wait for the ball.

Play other versions of the Return Man, including the popular remake : Return Man Zombies. Have Fun.
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Field General

Return Man Zombies

This is the screenshot of the Return Man: Zombies game, where you are playing against deadly zombies

Return Man 3 has a lot of different levels. As you progress in the game, it becomes more and more difficult. For example, instead of 3-4 defenders you will face 10 or more, their speed will become more faster and so on. But don’t be afraid, you are also given special perks as you progress in the game – for example new special moves can be unlocked as well as new type of your team mates who are stronger and faster.

Return Man is a game developed by the The first version of the game was created long time ago, but still it is very popular all over the world. People play them from home, from work, at school and so on because of the great gameplay, awesome physics and just because this game is the best among American Football Games. There are some other types of the Return Man games, for example one of them is called Return Man: Zombies where instead of humans, you will face enemy team of zombies, who are trying to kill you. Hope you will enjoy all of them at our website and share it with your friends.