Return Man 1

ReturnMan1Return Man 1 is the first version of the game which was developed by ESPN. The game is pretty simple and in fact was created for the american football fans. The mission of the player is to catch the ball and run to the end line, but is is rather difficult because the defenders are trying to catch you and get the ball. If the player manage to score a touchdown – he wins the round, if not – starts from the beginning. As you progress in the game, you unlock special abilities and skills , for example some of them appear on the field during the game, just run over them to gain maximum speed and other skills, others, like special moves have to be done by pressing the keys on your keyboard. Return Man is a game which is very popular not only among the kids, but among all people who loves football. Hope you will enjoy the game and bookmark our website ReturnMan3.EU to play the games later with your friends.