Return Man 2

returnman2Return Man 2 is the second version of the greatest football flash game developed by ESPN and distributed by thousand of websites all around the world. The game is simple enough to understand, that’s why more and more people play it at home, at work and even at school. In Return Man 2, you task is to take the position of a returner, this means that you have to catch the ball after the opposing team kickoff. If the player manage to run through the field, avoid hitting the defenders and score a touchdown – he moves to the next level. Keep in mind, that as you progress in the game, it becomes more difficult. For example, the defenders become more stronger and faster and their number increase. You need a strategy how to score a touchdown and continue playing this wonderful game. Return Man 2 is not the latest version of the game, but in fact you should try it too. Hope you will have some fun.

Keep in mind that you are playing the official full version of the Return Man 2, this means that the game saves your progress and you can play later not starting the whole game from the beginning. Bookmark our website to play this game later