Return Man: Zombies

ReturnMan_ZombiesReturn Man: Zombies is the remake of my favorite football game. If you have ever played one of the Return Man games, you must understand the rules of the game which are really simple – get the ball, run with the ball while avoiding the defenders and score a touchdown. In this version of the game – rules are the same, but instead of the defenders, you will face zombies. The zombies are very angry, they are now hunting to get the ball – they are trying to kill you, that’s why you must run as fast as possible. During the game, you will locate different power-ups that are very important if you want to succeed in the game. Use them wisely. Also you should use the special moves which are unlocked as you progress in the game – they might save your life one day. The main difficulty is that the zombies are running in a special manner, and it is sometimes it is really hard to understand where they are heading, so just be careful.